The Astute Adventurer

We call him III Wands

Life happens in fluid moments that ebb and flow out of each other in seamlessly subtle ways. Mindfulness allows us to be present and partake in this fluidity, which in turn expands our awareness and aids us to see a bigger, more expansive, and more connected world.

These sound like pretty deep thoughts for the very action and physically oriented suit of

However, that’s how our barefooted friend becomes the III of Wands.

Much like our beloved Fool, III of Wands is also a call to action; however he has a bit more wisdom under his belt, unlike the fickle Fool. III of Wands comes in with knowledge, experience, and a worldly view that allows him to see the bigger picture. He has already planted his seeds and set things in motion, and now he assesses growth and potential before making his next move.

There is a thoughtfulness and honesty behind III Wands that suggests a broader view from a higher perspective is paramount to get yourself where you’re trying to be. By expanding your awareness you expand your visible opportunities. The beauty in the structured action of III of Wands is that he promises change. He guarantees it and reminds you it’s already in motion.

Don’t look for something you haven’t been working on. Look at what’s in front of you and be discerning about it. The important message our adventurous friend expresses to us is this: that forward momentum he is eluding to is not new. These changes, opportunities, these potential adventures? You’re already working on them; III Wands is the ball that just started rolling. Keep in mind however, that this motivated fella is a wand card. Fire symbolism will always want you to do it with flair, exuberance, and with a bigger and bolder attitude than you’re comfortable with.

So, if you want it: go do it.


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