The Spectrum of Color Magic

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Color influences everything.

It is infused into every aspect of our lives. It shapes our environment and living and workspaces. We use it to express ourselves and emotions, to empower ourselves and project the intangible parts of our personality in a physical and visual way. We are all drawn to color, and we all interact with it in different and unique ways.

But what is color? At its simplest, wavelengths. Vibrational frequencies that change and shape the environment. It has the power to reflect, scatter, or absorb all which is around it. Color is one of the most powerful tools in everyday life, yet oddly enough it is often overlooked, unconsidered, and merely accepted as some simplistic backdrop to the happenings of our daily activities. A classic example of the power abundance has to devalue.

Likewise, color is not readily discussed in magic. Sure, most practitioners have a page or two in their book of shadows, some referenced list saved as a file on their computer, or a page dogeared in some text, but the potency of color isn’t necessarily considered, studied, or discussed. Shame, considering it’s an abundant and powerful ally.

Correspondence charts are a great place to start with color, but they aren’t definitive in the magical potential of color and shouldn’t be considered absolute. Taken with a grain of salt and healthy dose of skepticism, then combined with a bit of curiosity and willingness to experiment, we can start to build a personal relationship with it. We all interact with color on a very personal level, and color magic should be treated with the same subtly. Consider for a moment the passion people talk with when discussing their favorite and least favorite colors, and the diversity in those opinions. The vibrations a color holds are what they are, but how they interact with you, and you back with them, will be a deeply personal and unique experience.

Color happens on a spectrum. It’s not like zodiacal archetypes with hard lines. Each color blends and shifts into one another and brings you on a journey that changes subtly, which means their influences reflect that same spectrum. When we consider the energy behind each color, we can start to piece together how that shift happens and with that we gain a greater understand of how to use those subtle frequencies to impact and strengthen our magical workings.

So, how do you determine what colors will work best for you and your magic?

Meditation and experimentation.

First you want to ensure that you’re in a safe environment where you won’t be distracted or interrupted. You should also take care to ensure that you’re in a healthy headspace to experiment with the influence and energy of a color, as each color will take you through a broad spectrum of emotion and experiences. Allow yourself time afterwards to ground, recenter, and rest. Journaling or recording in your Book of Shadows would be beneficial as well.

Color has its own personality, and this exercise is a personal way to have an intimate conversation with a particular color so you can truly get to know it and its influence.

Pick your color of interest. Take a few moments and ground and center yourself and get into a light meditative state. Once you’re comfortable visualize the color of your choice. Allow the color to come to your organically – don’t pre-select how you want it to appear or get stuck on a form or delivery method for its arrival. How it shows up in your mind is part of the process of learning it.

Once you’ve manifested the color in your mind’s eye, take the color in. Breathe it in and let is wash over you, filling every ounce of yourself. Let it surround you. Walk yourself through each of your senses and consider how you respond it, both physically and emotionally. Take your time with each of your senses – taste, sound, touch, sight, smell – and really allow yourself to feel and experience everything. The important part here is to allow the full pendulum swing. You should expect a spectrum of emotions and reactions, and some of it will be unexpected or even surprising.

Once you’ve completed your exercise, reflect back on the time you spent with the color and what it evoked from you. Apply that to your magic. What type of spells and rituals would you want to invoke those emotions and sensorial experiences to add potency and power to your intent? How could the affects of color aid your willpower, and thus efficacy of your work?

Does it change your perception and relationship to that color?

Looking to expand your knowledge on magic theory? Set up a consultation with me and we’ll deep dive in how you can develop a rich, meaningful magical practice.

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