Year of the Hierophant

2021 is a transitional year, and we can look to tarot for our yearly significator card for wisdom and insight on how to best approach our next twelve months.

This year’s herald is V The Hierophant, the card of institutions. The Hierophant represents the value in being a part of something larger than yourself, and the conscious decision to embrace the identity of a larger idea or group, whether through thought or through action. We can use the structure of this card to seek deeper meaning and understanding of our beliefs and help guide us in how we choose to move forward as an individual as part of a greater whole.  

There are beautiful lessons to be learned here. Togetherness leads to growth in understanding, empathy, and a greater capacity to actively listen and take in. This forms the building blocks of our communities, which forms the foundations of our societies. The idea of working together as a unit allows for shared values and goals, which is desperately needed this year.

Education also takes center stage with the Hierophant. Our ability to learn and experience develops our comprehension, which leads to growth, which is one of the best acts of change we can undergo. By adopting structured learning through time-honored processes, we deepen our ability to discern between the institutions that helps us evolve from the ones that hinder us.

The Hierophant is represented by the number five; a malefic number that is often unfairly seen as a bad, or negative number. Though associated with conflict, loss, and instability, it is an important card of necessary change, boundaries, restrictions, and discipline. This number constricts, which after the wildly unhinged year we just left will help ground us as a collective. Five can be thought of as the number of hard lessons learned, and for most of us the most important lessons that we learn fall under this category.

Our other fives in the tarot should not be ignored here either. Under the Hierophant we can learn the lessons of these four cards:

Five of Pentacles – Asking for help is not a sign of weakness.
Five of Swords – Ego unchecked alienates you from your allies.
Five of Wands – Challenging your perception is healthy.
Five of Cups – Loss is a necessary part of growth

To pull in astrological archetypes to coincide with the ones in tarot, we can look to the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn that we’re experiencing in Aquarius right now. We are seeing the growth of community, togetherness, and education, and we are seeing the structure, control, and limitations of Saturn come together in an expressive and balancing way. Aquarius, while an archetype of individuality, is also a fixed sign and ruled by Saturn with a deep need for social and humanitarian values.

Moving forward into this year, and reflecting on what The Hierophant ushers in, consider these questions:

  1. What cause can I show up for and support in my community?
  2. Where can I accept help and wisdom from others?
  3. How do my actions effect the people around me?
  4. Where can I embrace a new point of view?
  5. What in my life do I need to release so I can grow?

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