Planetary Effects on Lunar Magic

Sunday we experience the full Moon in Libra. This normally harmonious and gentle lunation is disrupted by a grand trine with Mars in Gemini and Saturn in Aquarius. Currently, the Sun is conjunct Venus in Aries, both of which the Moon is in opposition to (note that the Moon has to be opposite the Sun for a full Moon to be possible). The Sun is in its exaltation in Aries and Venus in its detriment, which means the Sun is loving life in the best way possible, and Venus would basically rather be anywhere else.

For the Moon this grouping is kind of like looking around for your friend and not being able to see them too well because they’re hanging out with the big popular kid in the neighborhood at the football star’s house. In this instance that football star is Mars (ruler of Aries), and he’s out with Saturn right now on their way over to ruin the Moon’s plans for the night.

Saturn, being the ruler of Aquarius is functioning proudly and strongly and takes the upper hand in the conversation that’s happening between Mars, the Moon, and itself. To add to that, Mars’ feathers are currently ruffled from the hard aspect it’s making with Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, the sign Mars is currently sitting in.

All this can sound dizzying if you’re not familiar with the language of the zodiac, but it boils down simply enough:

Saturn and Mars team up together with the Moon, and the Moon’s energy just isn’t potent enough to stand up alone to influences of the other two planets. The Moon is reaching out to Venus for support but isn’t capable of getting any.

The Moon in Libra isn’t a particularly strong station but tends to be an enjoyable one. It’s pleasant and slightly passive with a polite air to it. With no interference this lunation gives you the desire to hang out at home with a loved one, dive into some creative projects, experience good music, and to indulge in some enjoyable self-care, like personal grooming.  

But none of those lovely things happen because Saturn shows up with his boi and is pounding on the door disrupting the Moon’s relaxing plans.

So what does that mean magically if you work with celestial frequencies?

Whenever we work lunar magic, all the other planets are influencing what’s going on because they’re all part of the same system. You can choose to ignore them and work with lunar magic fine, just fine. There are innumerable magical practitioners out there who only choose to observe the Moon phases and they are entirely fulfilled and satisfied with their work. However, if you don’t fall under that category, you can grow and thrive in your moon magic by looking towards the other planets. Accounting for these other influences and adjusting your rituals and spellwork to flow with those forces are going to shift how you approach lunar magic, and thus shift your performance, how connect to you work, and to your purpose.

The archetypal vibe of the Moon in Libra is gentle, relaxed, loving, artistic, entirely at peace at home, and totally in balance with the flow of life.

Now let’s look at the archetypal themes of the other influencing planets:

Sun: Ego, goals, charisma, attraction, sense of self
Venus: Desires, values, finances, partners, work, living space, relationships
Mars: Action, aggression, competition, survival, work, initiative
Saturn: Restrictions, boundaries, discipline, rejection, discernment

We take our lunar themes and apply the background noise of our of Venus opposition, and which has a lot to do with the home, our values, and our relationships. The Sun’s conjunction to Venus is shining a light on the themes, which in Aries is strained and uncomfortable. It brings to our attention to all the aspects within these areas of our lives that we’re not too keen on. Perhaps it’s our habits at home, or the nature of the relationships with our friends and family, our finances, workplace, or how we feel about our bodies.

Add in the grand trine between the Moon, Mars, and Saturn and our magical equation shifts from assessing those things, to finding the root of our issues and challenging us to have the discipline to make necessary changes. This all tells us that discernment is a necessary part of growth, and we only grow when we take action. Observing and staying passive is not an option to reach out goals, and it all starts in our heads and our personal willpower.

We have the added bonus of Mercury in Pisces until April 4th. This sets the stage for increased psychic sensitivity, a boost in mental clarity, and an increase in our ability to assess necessary changes in our lives.

Even though all this sounds relatively stressful and unpleasant, in a magical sense we are experiencing a beautiful full Moon for releasings, habit breaking, habit development, grounding and centering rituals, personal justice work, cord cutting, and any shadow work that would revolve around our Venusian aspects of life.

For an extra layer of depth look to your natal chart and consider you’re the relationship you have to these planets based off their placements. Consider what house Libra occupies in your natal chart as well as your Moon sign. Does observing these placements stimulate any new thoughts or perspectives? Does it inspire you to work with the Moon in a new way this full Moon?

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