The Herald’s Story: A Reading for the Collective

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February 13-19

Tarot Reflections is a weekly offering of the rich divinatory art of card reading while referencing the celestial clockworks for universal context specific to the week ahead. This reading is curated so that we may have a greater understanding of the physical, emotional, and energetic frequencies that ebb and flow throughout our day to day lives. This way we may observe and respond to those frequencies and events in meaningful ways. The Herald marks the overarching theme of the week, while the Story expands upon the depths of the Herald in an exploratory and inquisitive fashion for clarity and guidance.

The deck used in this week’s reading is Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane.

The Herald: III of Cups

What emotions do we feel when we consider the people in our lives and the relationships we’ve built with them?

There’s something so special and so necessary about human connection. No matter how solitary of a being we may feel, we are social creatures at heart. It’s how the human side of us grows and evolves, and it’s this nourishment that feeds our soul. Long has it been proven that the human mind suffers when left to its own devices for too long. We simply need each other.

And sure, not all relationships are healthy, wanted, or necessary. Sometimes we have no choice in who we engage with, but we do have the agency to build meaningful and fulfilling relationships and connections with people whom we value and are valued by in return. When we invest in those wanted connections we build a unique community that raises each other up, supports one another, and rejoices in our togetherness. This not only strengthens and enriches our lives it also helps us manage the times and people that aren’t so welcome in our lives, but are still necessary.

The emotional satisfaction we experience through the communities we form in our social circles propagates trust, affection, and facilitates vulnerability. By allowing ourselves to be vulnerable with others, and allowing others to be vulnerable with us we learn the lesson of compassion. The act of compassion allows us to experience just how interconnected we all and how we all exist in a universal codependence.

We are all here, so let us celebrate the joy of life and connectivity.

The Story: VI of Pentacles, X of Wands, IX The Hermit:

There’s a delicate balance between give and take, and that balance is one that we will spend a lifetime exploring and learning from.

To be of service and to provide for are important lessons to be embraced, nourished, and propagated. Likewise, the ability to receive and be cared for is equally important. In conjunction with these lessons we must also understand our physical, emotional, and material limitations and boundaries. We are only capable of so much, and suffering as a sacrifice to others is where martyrdom and resentment fester. On the other hand, greed, egoism, and dependency takeover when we take more than we need from others and our environments.

It’s hard to have a solid understanding of where these boundaries are, because like many things in life there are no hard edges to what we are capable of, and what is beyond our potential. Only by looking inward and truly sitting with ourselves in honest reflection can we begin to understand all these subtle aspects of our being as a whole.

It’s curious and seemingly contradictory at surface level that the more we look within, the more we see without. We are in constant states of exchange with ourselves and the universe, and it’s the internal wisdom of equanimity that provides the grace of balance. This expression of the micro and macrocosm synchronicity can be observed in all things, and the more we experience these universal synchronicities, the more we connect with the Universe.

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