The Herald’s Story: A Reading for the Collective

February 20 – 26

Tarot Reflections is a weekly offering of the rich divinatory art of card reading while referencing the celestial clockworks for universal context specific to the week ahead. This reading is curated so that we may have a greater understanding of the physical, emotional, and energetic frequencies that ebb and flow throughout our day to day lives. This way we may observe and respond to those frequencies and events in meaningful ways. The Herald marks the overarching theme of the week, while the Story expands upon the depths of the Herald in an exploratory and inquisitive fashion for clarity and guidance.

The Herald: IV of Wands

Oh, the things we are capable of!

What a glorious feeling to stand in our own power, celebrate our life and potential, and release limiting beliefs, places, or practices. Truly we are sovereign beings capable of curating lives filled with wonderment. It is important to acknowledge this. It is important to honor it.

When we are excited and have faith in ourselves, we inject enthusiasm and possibility into our future. Even though transitional times challenge us, the sensation of release that comes with Breakthrough moves us. The new possibilities that arise excite us and allow us liberation – whether from an internal or external source.

Though life is finite, the waters we navigate are eternal, and we are forever on course in our life’s journey. It is so important for us to take the time and reflect back on all that we have accomplished and relish in the sweet moments of life that enrich us. When we experience life mindfully, we can begin to appreciate being living physical bodies in a tangible world. We can applaud the struggles we have overcome, and rejoice in our successes, whatever they may look to us.

The Story: Queen of Pentacles, I The Magician, VI Swords

It’s a mixed bag of emotions when our behaviors meet the consequences of our actions. Even when we act with the kind of integrity that an authentic curator of life would. Even when we are making the best possible choices for ourselves. This is because we can only truly be in command of the ways that we choose to conduct ourselves. We are do not, nor should we, possess the power to the control the opinions and actions of others and their perception of how we move through life. Some actions bring us together to with others, some actions will divide and separate.

Accepting those truths can help us be free of the fear of living a life that is in alignment with who and what we are, and where we want to be going. If we are going to live this self-curated life, however, we need personal accountability, structure, discipline, and will power. Even more than that we need all of those things to come together seamlessly.

They don’t typically all come together at the same time for us.

It’s easy to look over progress when we’re in the thick of it.

It’s easy to cast aside goals and desires if they go against the grain.

We need to consider our journey, and who and what we’re bringing along with us. It can be hard when we realize that not everything we hold space for can stay with us forever. But that’s part of standing in our own power. The sacrifice of what was so that we may manifest was is to be. There’s a beautiful cycle to it if we can step back far enough to see.

There is great liberation in releasing.

So, let’s leave port and set sail into the waters we’ve been dreaming of.

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