Community Altar Service

Sometimes we are not able to cast our own magic. Whether you’re unable to burn candles in your home, or you require greater privacy, a community altar offers you the ability to practice with the utmost discretion.

The Setting of Lights

Single Candle

With a $10 donation I dress and bless a prayer candle suited towards your needs and watch over it during its burn cycle. 100% of the donation goes directly to maintaining and caring for the altar, and resupplying candles and the oils and herbs used for the blessings. Each candle is carefully maintained and observed in its burn patterns.

I used glass encased prayer candles available in various colors to suit your workings. Each candle has an average burn time of 80 hours and will be burned over the course of seven days, or until the candle fully burns down. Once the burn cycle is complete, you will receive an e-mail notification. This e-mail will also include any important or noteworthy details on how the candle burned.

You can burn multiple candles at once or burn a series of candles in tandem. This is ideal for complex work with many layers that need to fit together, or long-term work. If selecting multiple candles, disclose how you would like them burned in the description section.

Candle Types

There are two categories that your candle work will fall under:

Receptive: This brings things into your life. Whether you are looking for opportunity, connection, prosperity, or any sort of manifestation, your candle will be placed here.

Projective: This pushes things away from your life. Whether you’re looking for protection, reversal, habit breaking, or any sort of releasing work, your candle will be placed here

Setting of Lights Ritual Form

Community Altar Donation

For each $10 donation a prayer candle will be dressed and blessed for a working of your choosing.


“There are truly many ways to pray, and lighting a candle is one of them.”

Pat Schneider, How the Light Gets in: Writing as a Spiritual Practice

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