Lunar Forecast

January 2022

01: Waning crescent in Sagittarius
What best lesson have I learned in the past few months and how can I use that as inspiration to dive me forward for this coming year?

02: New Moon in Capricorn
How can I start creating smarter, more realistic goals for myself that have measurable results?

04: Waxing crescent in Aquarius
What does empathy mean to me, and how can I be more attuned to the people and environments around me, while maintaining healthy boundaries?

06: Waxing crescent in Pisces
What does the word magic mean to me, and what wild act of manifestation am I inspired to act upon?

09: First Quarter in Aries
What would happen if I pursued creative new ways to change, grow, or expand how I bring in income to provide for myself/family?

10: Waxing gibbous in Taurus
How do I relieve stress and disappointment when met with forced change or undesirable results, and are those habits healthy and sustainable for me?

13: Waxing gibbous in Gemini
When I assess my progress on my current life goals, which task is my top priority, and what do I need to do to hold myself accountable for following through on that action?

17: Full Moon in Cancer
What emotional hunger do I need to feed within myself?

20: Waning gibbous in Virgo
How do I proceed when I apply all my skill to a situation, yet find myself disappointed, underwhelmed, or frustrated with an unfavorable outcome? What does grace in failure mean to me?

23: Waning gibbous in Libra
When I’m uncertain of what I want, who or what can I reach out to in order to clear my head and organize my thoughts?

25: Last Quarter in Scorpio
If I made one tactically precise, bold movement that stimulated massive change for myself that others see – what would it be? What emotions do I feel when I consider such tremendous action?

27: Waning crescent in Sagittarius
Reflection: What are my most valued creative strengths, and how can I use them to connect with others in meaningful ways?

29: Waning crescent in Capricorn
What structures do I need set in place so that I am able to release the burden of overwhelm instead of being consumed by it?

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