Lunar Forecast

July 2021

01/02: Last Quarter in Aries
What personal behavior do I have that needs refinement or reinvention?

03-05: Waning crescent in Taurus
Where do I overindulge and what discipline can I employ to live in greater balance?

06/07: Waning crescent in Gemini
What personal part of myself am I ready to share with someone close to me?

08: Waning crescent in Cancer
Reflection: How can I better express my personal boundaries that I may take better care of myself?

09: New Moon in Cancer
Where are my actions out of alignment with healthy self-care, and what can I do to altar my thoughts or behaviors?

10: Witches new Moon in Cancer
How do I seek truth when my vision is obscured?

11/12: Waxing crescent in Leo
What radical change in my life needs to be prioritized in my life, and how can I bring that center stage?

13/14: Waxing crescent in Virgo
What hard truth about my thought patterns and perception of self am I ready to face and work towards changing?

15/16: Waxing crescent in Libra
Who can I turn to for comfort when I need to sort out my thoughts or struggle to share my thoughts with others?

17: First quarter in Libra
How can I bring my inner-self and outer-self into better alignment?

18/19: Waxing Gibbous in Scorpio
How can I use my voice to give me strength when I feel small or restricted?

20/21: Waxing Gibbous in Sagittarius
What opinions or preconceived notions do I have that I am ready to challenge?

22: Waxing Gibbous in Capricorn
Reflection: How do I handle dissatisfaction and disappointment, both in myself, and with the world around me?

23: Full Moon in Capricorn
How can I stand in my own personal power even when everything feel out of my control?

24/25: Waning Gibbous in Aquarius
: How do I choose to respond to others when I feel misinterpreted or misunderstood?

26/27: Waning Gibbous in Pisces
What addictive behaviors do I have that are no longer sustainable? What network do I need to put in place so that I may conquer these challenges?

28-30 Waning Gibbous in Aries
How do I respond to personal challenges, and is that in alignment with the person I want to be?

31: Last Quarter in Taurus
What personal change am I resisting, and what struggles is it causing for me? What can I do to celebrate and be empowered by change?

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