Lunar Forecast

November 2021

11/01: Virgo waning crescent
Reflection: What unhealthy personal habits do I continue to make excuses for that I need to finally face?

11/02: Libra waning crescent
Reflection: What happens to my emotional wellbeing when I blend discipline and moderation in the care of my physical body?

11/04: Scorpio New Moon
Reflection: Where do I feel emotional stress or anxiety in my body, and what activity helps me mitigate that sensation?

11/06: Sagittarius waxing crescent
Reflection: What do I need to believe about myself and my potential to allow my true self to shine?

11/08: Capricorn waxing crescent
Reflection: How does my environment shape my mood, and what can I do with the spaces that are my own to facilitate personal wellness?

11/11: Aquarius First Quarter
Reflection: What principles do I need to remind myself of when I am emotionally unavailable and start to disassociate from my surroundings and the people in it?

11/12: Pisces waxing gibbous
Reflection: What change of behavior can I embrace that will help me tend to and grow my magic and intuition?

11/15: Aries waxing gibbous
Reflection: What does it feel like when my actions are in alignment with my goals and values?

11/17: Taurus waxing gibbous
Reflection: How do I respond to difficult conversations or aggressive/intense people or environments, and how does that change me?

11/19: Taurus Lunar Eclipse
Reflection: How do I comfort myself when I feel overwhelmed, and are those behaviors and thoughts beneficial, or destructive?

11/20: Gemini waning gibbous
Reflection: What can I do to ground and center myself when my thoughts and emotions feel scattered and disjointed?

11/22: Cancer waning gibbous
Reflection: What resources are available to me when I struggle to find nourishment and comfort in familiar things?

11/25: Leo waning gibbous
Reflection: What happens to my perception of self when the world feels like it’s crumbling around me?

11/27: Virgo Last Quarter
Reflection: What is the difference between privacy and secrecy to me, and how do these things affect my relationships with others and with myself?

11/29: Libra waning crescent
Reflection: What thought, behavior, or environment do I need to release so that I may be in better alignment with my highest good?

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