Magical Mentorship
Live your most magical life. Develop a deeper Live your most magical life. Develop a deeper connection with yourself and your magic and drive the story of your life. In this year long one-on-one mentorship you will explore the multifaceted world of magic and witchcraft. Rich in theory, history, and in-depth hands-on practice, this mentorship is tailored to your specific needs and goals as a magical practitioner.
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Release the Inner Witch
Thrive in your magical practice by seamlessly blending Thrive in your magical practice by seamlessly blending your magical and mundane life. Learn how to nourish the relationships between magic and yourself so that you may stand in the power of your Inner Witch. Untap the magical potential in your birth chart and discover the practical tools you need to build the successful practice you desire.

Divination: Tarot
Deep dive into your subconscious with a 60 minute tarot session to reveal the synchronistic events of your life. Blending current astrological events and the art of story telling through tarot each card explores the trajectory of your path and the ways in which it affects and affects you.

Divination: Astrology
Look to the giant celestial clockwork as guide and inspiration. This 90 minutes session explores your natal chart and reveals the connectivity between your inner most self and the cosmos. Gain clarity and focus on your path and learn your untapped potential that’s written in the stars.

Personal Power Sigil
Using your astrology chart I handcraft a unique Personal Power Sigil for you. With this sigil you can:

  • Use as a personal signature in magical workings
  • Anoint yourself with the sigil after cleansings to stand in your personal power
  • Anoint or draw onto magical tools or personal items you want to put your energy into
  • For use in rituals and spellwork as a representation of yourself
  • Wear on your person to draw in or radiate your personal power

You will receive detailed instructions on how to empower/activate and maintain your sigil.  


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